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A big part of being a children’s picture book illustrator is having the ability to draw well and being able to capture a character (or visual story) in your own unique ‘voice’. I’ve been illustrating picture books since 2000 and with more than a dozen publications world-wide, I now enjoy teaching everything that I’ve learnt over the years …. from character design, storyboarding and illustration techniques.

My sketchbook practice has helped me find, refine and develop my illustration style. What I’m about to share with you, will help you to do the same. In my session I’ll share a simple step-by-step process (that I use) to generate ideas for a picture book character.

Sketchbook Revival Workshop Goes Live May 1st!

Below is more information about my Sketchbook Revival session including a materials list. 

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Sign-up to receive a mini-class showing How to Draw a Character Map’. Use your favourite Sketchbook Revival character and learn how to draw them from head to toe!

You’ll also receive a BONUS GIFT, my ‘Draw a Character Map of Your Character’ printable will have you well on your way to designing your first picture book character.

Drawing Foxes & Faces Using Simple Shapes

The 20-minute session covers …

  • identifying character traits, from a manuscript, to inspire a story driven character

  • using reference, moving away from drawing from the outside-in (photographic reference) to drawing from the inside-out (from a place of feeling)

  • looking and then drawing a series of fox faces using simple shapes

  • using your fox faces to inspire a human character with fox traits

  • drawing a page of possibilities …and when you think you’ve emptied every idea onto the page, we draw some more!

Materials List

  • graphite pencil (HB or B)

  • quality coloured pencil (blue or brown) – I’ll be using a Staedtler Mars Mechanical Pencil with 2mm blue lead

  • eraser

  • pencil sharpener

  • your sketchbook 🙂
    I’ll be using my Moleskine sketchbook