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For anyone who is new to Skillshare and wants to try it out, you can get two months of full premium membership (membership typically costs ~US$10/mo) for free, which includes all of my Skillshare classes  – there are currently twelve.

If you’re interested in character design, then here’s your chance to do it for FREE. Strung together, all of my classes take your through the process that I use when designing characters for a picture book, from designing and drawing the face and head, character mapping, learning how to bring characters to life to exploring illustration different techniques.

Every class of mine comes with bonus freebies which you’ll get when you enrol. My classes are fun, creative, thought provoking and full of tips that will encourage you to explore your own illustration style…and hopefully…inspire you to work your own stories.

Below is a sample showing the introduction to my Draw a Circus of Character class.

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If you see a class you like, click the trolley icon to link directly to the class on Skillshare.

The Art of Bunnies in Books

A time-line of cotton-tail characters, styles and techniques will inspire your animal-like, human-like and toy-like bunny illustrations. 

Duration: 1hr

Illustration Masterclass – Exploring Technique and Style

Try your hand at 8 different illustration techniques and styles. Comprehensive instructions, printouts and a BONUS video showing how to transform your illustrations into a personalised gift card.

Duration: 1hr 31mins

How to Draw the Head from Every Angle – Part Two

Learn how to make a 3D clay model from your characters drawings, making the perfect character reference for a picture book project.

Duration: 30mins

How to Draw the Head from Every Angle – Part Three

Learn how to draw your characters head from every angle, while creating valuable reference for any picture book project. See how to layer-in facial expression to bring your character to life.

Duration: 20mins

How to Draw the Head from Every Angle – Part One

Learn how to draw the head from every angle, drawing the basic structure then adding in more detail. Draw the front and side view of your character, then draw the head rotating.

Duration: 15mins

Face Shapes – Explore Character Using 9 Simple Shapes

Explore and draw faces using nine different shapes. See how some shapes are more successful than others when trying to depict a specific age, gender or personality type.

Duration: 30mins

Face Facts – a Beginners Guide to Drawing a Self Portrait

Learn the basics in face proportion while drawing a self-portrait. Face shape, size and placement of the eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth and ears. Create a framework for your face, adjusting features, adding hair and accessories to create true likeness of you.


Emoji Me – the Art of Drawing Facial Expression

Learn how to read and then draw the six basic emotions then, discover a wider spectrum of emotional possibilities and see how subtle tweaks to the eyes, eyebrows, nose and mouth can transform your character’s mood.

Duration: 23mins

Draw a Circus of Movement – Simple Techniques to Bring your Characters to Life

Learn simple techniques that will bring your character to life. Explore body posture, forward motion, learning how to apply any pose to your character.

Duration: 50mins

Draw a Circus of Line & Gesture – Design a Picture Book Character from Start to Finish

Learn how to design and draw a picture book character from start to finish. Learn how to transform ideas and lists into a character map, then draw your character in multiple poses using line and gesture.

Duration: 51mins

Draw a Circus of Characters – Body Shape and Proportion

Design a set of circus inspired characters. This class will guide you through every aspect of drawing a set of characters learning the basics in body proportion and shape.

Duration: 1hr


101 Guide to Picture Books

Learn what an illustrator needs to consider before starting work on a picture book. From thumbnail sketches, character design, storyboarding to the final artwork, I use my published titles to visually explain the process that I use to develop illustrations for a story.

Duration: 20mins

101 Guide to Drawing Eyes

Learn how to draw a series of the round, square, rectangular, down-turned, leaf and almond shaped eyes. Explore the shape, size and placement of the eyes on the face and see how this can dramatically change the look of your character.

Duration: 25mins